Spiral – it can be the shape of DNA or a descent down a twisted stairwell. For Agent Nick Cooper of Equitable Services, it’s both. Chasing abnorms is hard enough, but when Cooper discovers an undocumented original “Brilliant,” all bets are off. This mad genius may have skills that nullify Cooper’s. How do you catch a man who uses the wind like a weapon? 

It’s 2008 and Nick Cooper is still new at Twist hunting. He’s rough and a tad bit cocky. He’s on a winning streak, which pleases his adversary. Kellen Garcia understands inertia and knows how to turn it against someone. Garcia’s understanding of aerodynamics is desirable to the Department of Analysis and Response, so Director Peters sends Cooper after him. The timing couldn’t be worse, though. Being called to Seattle on the eve of his son Todd’s birthday might be the last straw for Nick and Natalie’s crumbling relationship. 

When Cooper arrives, he’s drawn into a whirlwind. Falsely accused of murder, Nick is forced to run. The only way to slip through a dragnet spawning the entire Olympic Peninsula is for Cooper to convince an out-of-place New Yorker named Quinn that he’s innocent. 

As Nick races an enemy attempting to rewrite history, will his abilities be enough to clear his name and save his marriage? Or will he spiral down a hole, lost forever? 

Spiral – a prequel novella set in the Abnorm Chronicles Universe created by Marcus Sakey. 

Written by David Boop, author of “She Murdered Me with Science.”